This is my “I miss you guys” selfie. I’ll be back on here very soon. Lydia is getting a little revamp.

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How about an I’m back selfie on Monday? Brandi is 110% back and at it. More info to come soon!

25 Aug 14 via

I miss you guys! I’ll be back around here in a week or two. But if you want to do things with me before then, message me for my kik. That’s the best way to keep track of me.

18 Jul 14 via

I’m still alive, I promise! I have just been ridiculously busy. Friends, family, and a new boy have been my life lately. I will show my face on here again at some point.

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My wifi is out which means I’m stuck on mobile until it comes back. If anyone wants to do things I have a kik. Just message me for it!

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   ”I’ve never cross-referenced our butts, no.”

    “You butt is a little more of a bubble shape but they’re basically the same.”



A majority of my friends
are supernatural creatures,
and I’m dating a werecoyote.
What do you think?❞ 

"I think you have poor taste in
 friends and a ten times more
 horrendous taste in ladies.”

fragileskinandbones replied to your post “fragileskinandbones replied to your post: I need a stripper au like I…”


yes please! i can get a starter up soon.

scaredeverything replied to your post “I need a stripper au like I need air.”

Lets do the thing

all of the doing the thing. i need it like now.

fragileskinandbones replied to your post: I need a stripper au like I need air.

yes omg

can you just imagine stiles’ reaction if he walked into a strip club and boom lydia was one of the dancers? just ugh. neeed.