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Law and Order is my life! I believe it’s being picked up, but the woman who plays Olivia is retiring

they’re up in the air about renewing it for a 16th season. chicago fire and chicago p.d. would have to take pay cuts that they aren’t willing to take to make it viable. we won’t know until up front’s in may. it’s never really been the same for me since stabler left tbh. but i’m hanging on for benson.

I have to look that up ASAP. I saw one episode of that a while back and liked it.

It’s what comes on after the local news after the voice so I just leave the channel on. I’ve watched SVU since 1999. I love it so much. It doesn’t look like it’s going to get picked up for another season though.

I do! It’s a total guilty pleasure. It always sucks me in

so here i am watching chicago fire and up pops momma mccall. talk about things i didn’t expect. first the walking dead and now chicago fire.

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Kinky Questions, make my muse uncomfortable—go! (1-78)


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In the middle of a conversation, my muse begins to cough up blood. How does your muse respond?

Only this cat would lay on me and growl at the same time. Silly Chewy.

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✎ Anonymous: we get it, you're cute. stop with the selfies.

Aggressive and complimentary? I don’t know how to react to this.

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I get a 30 dollar tax return. I’m rich!

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