you’re gone for a while because of finals and people could care less when you come back. i’m going to get off of here, i guess.

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       ”You can’t just ignore me like this!”



   Who’s there?



           ”That’s a good idea, but.. 

Can’t really seem to find a way to stay in bed.
 I just — you know, keep tossing and turning.
    I don’t really see the point in trying.”


"What I’m hearing is that you just need
    a little coercion to stay in bed like you
      should. I can sit with you until you fall
        asleep. I can bore you into a state of
          REM sleep.”


After the accident, Jackson wasn’t sure what would happen to Lydia but this was not something that seemed possible. Every memory or thought she had ever had was gone, wiped from her brain. Never did he once believe the doctors, not until of course he heard the words fall from her lips. She couldn’t remember her mother, father, Allison…him. She hadn’t seen him, he was just another face among the crowd when they came to visit her and she seemed to be too shocked to notice him. 

Finally getting up the courage to come over to her house, to see her, he wanted to help in any way that he could. Jackson wanted her to remember but then again…he didn’t. What he had done was, in his mind, unforgettable but now this was far too much forgetting for his liking. Somewhat nervous, he knew exactly what she would ask, what she would possibly say. She would ask who he was and what their relationship was to each other or at least something along those lines but he had to see her at least once.

Her parents seemed happy to see him seeing as they were so close, prying at him to try and help recall her old memories, saying that if anyone could do it it would be him. Putting all that pressure on his shoulders did no good as he slowly made his way up the stairs and rather than knocking, simply walked into her bedroom. Not surprised by her question, the male continued to stand as he stuffed his hands into his pockets. “—I’m Jackson. You used to know me really well.” A weak smile spread on his face as he walked around the all too familiar bed room. There were here school books and papers with words and number he couldn’t even pronounce himself, a picture of her and Allison, then his eyes landed on it. The key. Running his hand over it, he thought back and let out a sigh as he turned back around to face her. “So. What all do you remember?”

It was almost heartbreaking to watch the way he fondly looked over her things. To know that there were many memories locked in the items strewn about the room that she just couldn’t free them. Tilting her head to the side curiously, Lydia tried to understand what he meant by her knowing him well. “So, we were close friends?” She knew that he could have easily meant they had dated or something else. But, she found it best to tread lightly. She didn’t want to rattle any cages.

Pursing her lips tightly, she could only shake her head. She remembered so little of anything. “It’s all relatively blank before I woke up in the hospital. Like there is just nothing there at all. The doctors told me that it was like my slate was completely wiped clean.” She wished she could have given a specific answer. Maybe a memory or two to tell him that she was still somewhat in there somewhere.

Shaking her head softly, all she could do was look up at him like a clueless puppy. “Can you tell me things? About myself.”

guess who is online for a while? surprise!

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Just an extra reminder that I’m majorly cramming for the next two weeks of finals. I won’t be on much. But as soon as finals are over, I’m all yours.

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Finals start for me as of Thursday. So, I will not be on that much. Have to study my bum off.

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I wish I got a dollar every time a perfect stranger told me that smoking is bad for me. Do they not think I can see the warning?

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When you realize how hard you could fall for a guy and it scares the total shit out of you.

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